Vaser Lipo Selection

As part of our Signature LipoSculpting program, we offer Vaser Lipo Selection. To see before and after pictures, please visit our Signature LipoSculpting page.


Vaser Lipo Selection® is different

  • Fatty tissue consists primarily of adipose (fat) cells, but also contains other important tissues.
  • Sound waves break up the fat for removal while leaving nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissue largely undisturbed.
  • Once emulsified, fat is easily removed with minimal disturbance to important structural tissue to yield smooth results.


What happens during the procedure?

A saline solution mixed with Lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and epinephrine is infused into the area to be treated. This solution helps break down the fat cells and provides a mechanism for carrying away the dissolved cells. The Vaser procedure breaks down and emusifies the cells using painless ultrasonic energy. This emulsified solution is then removed from beneath the skin to reduce fat cell deposits and smooth and shape the area being treated.

Patient Advantages:

  • Vaser Lipo Selection is ULTRASelective – The patented VASER® technology is so sensitive and precise that it can be used in even the most delicate areas – such as inner thighs, arms, neck and chin.
  • Vaser Lipo Selection is ULTRASound – The precise, controlled power of ultrasound can now be used to remove unwanted fat deposits with low to minimal pain!

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