Three years of FemiLift-WOW

For three years Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center has been providing an innovative procedure that addresses problems with vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and mild urinary incontinence caused by loose vaginal tissue.  The FEMI LIFTis a revolutionary CO2 laser treatment that addresses all those issues and I have been so pleased with our results.  As we enter our forth year of  offering this treatment I am proud to report our patients have been 100% satisfied with the results.  After childbirth, with aging, and especially menopause the collagen of the vagina begins to weaken much like it does on the face.  This causes the vagina to become loose and also to lose some of the support under the urethra resulting in leakage.  Many patients complain of lessened sexual sensation and satisfaction due to the vaginal laxity.  In addition, with menopause, lack of natural lubrication can result in even further sexual discomfort that requires lubricants or hormone cream.  FEMI LIFTcan address all these. 

Medical CO2 lasers have been around for decades but this is one of the first ones to specifically address vaginal problems.  The procedure is very simple.  After a brief exam, a specially designed speculum is inserted into the vagina. Inside the speculum a small mirror deflects a modified laser toward the vaginal wall.  When the laser is fired very tiny “pin like “ punctures or pixels are sent into the vaginal wall resulting in rejuvenation of the vaginal “skin” and new collagen growth that tightens the vagina.  Along with tightening the vaginal wall and reducing the laxity there is a further tightening of the tissue around the bladder stem or urethra resulting in a noticeable lessening or elimination of annoying bladder leakage. The rejuvenation of the vaginal lining gives the woman more natural lubrication and moisture.  In addition minor labial problems can also be addressed with this laser.

No anesthesia or numbing is necessary but can be done in certain circumstances or if requested. The procedure takes about 5-10 minutes and you can go back to work or other activities immediately after.  Three treatments spaced a month apart are recommended to achieve the best long lasting result.  We do recommend refraining from sexual activity for about 3 days.  About two weeks after the first treatment patients notice about a 50% improvement in their symptoms with everyone noting a 100% improvement after the second and third treatment.  To the many women with embarrassing bladder leakage, this is a life changer.  

There is no need to be embarrassed about these conditions.  Femi-Lift may be your answer to better vaginal health and bladder control. Make a simple call to Genesis at 843-669-2220 where we can set up a no cost consultation to see if you are a candidate for this simple but life changing treatment.