Update on Laser and Plasma skin tightening

We have now had the newest technique in skin tightening for about 10 months with dozens of cases being done.  The new Renuvion Plasma (formerly called J-Plasma) has proven to be well worth the investment as it has taken our skin tightening at lipo to a whole new level.  However, it has not completely replaced our laser tightening but has added a tool that works in synergy with each other.  To review, the laser that we have used for years and still do accomplishes skin tightening by doing micro damage to the back of the skin. As the skin heals, new collagen protein is laid down and contracts giving you a lifting and tightening of the skin during the ensuing weeks post lipo. The plasma system works on the support structures that attaches the skin to the underlying abdominal wall and in essence helps to pull the skin tighter by working on the deeper support fibers.  It also works on the skin itself but in a different fashion than the laser.  I have noticed that the plasma also can improve and slightly thicken the skin in patients with thin wrinkled skin also.  Case in point.  I have had several patients with really loose skin on the thighs that on examination was also thin and crepe like.  Previously in patients like this I noticed only a slight tightening with laser.  Now with the plasma system I am noticing a marked improvement to the quality of the skin and an actual thickening of the crepe like skin, giving a great skin lift and improved appearance. With added laser tightening in select areas on cases such as this it is giving us a better lift and tightening than we achieved with laser alone.  On the neck we are able to tighten all the way to the collar bone and out to the sides more than we could with laser.  In many patients it is helping us acheive a neck lift look without the cutting required in a formal neck lift.

I can say without a doubt that the Renuvion Plasma is a wonderful enhancement to our LipoSculpting program as it is proving to be a valuable addition to the Vaser and Laser we have overlapped for years.  We are proud to be the only provider in South Carolina to embrace this cutting edge technololgy and only one of about 800 physicians in the US and Canada that are providers of this ground breaking innovation.

Dr. ODell

No Cellulite. Get Beach Body ready

Finally, March is here. Daylight Savings Time is back and spring is here in about 3 weeks. You are starting to think about shorts and bathing suits but then you look down and Yikes, CELLULITE. Now you remember why you always wore a cover-up or longer shorts last year. This year, be ready with VASER SMOOTH.


There are many treatments that promise to eliminate Cellulite but most are only temporary. Vaser Smooth, however, gives you a lasting permanence not found in most other treatments. With VASER SMOOTH a small amount of numbing solution is placed under the skin of the leg through a small puncture site. After adequate numbing the Vaser Smooth instrument is guided specifically to the marked cellulite bands and the bands are severed and sealed with ultrasonic pulses. Because of the permanent damage to the cellulite bands they do not grow back together so that you have lasting results. Compare that to the many external cellulite treatments that only suction the skin and “pop” the bands giving you a temporary smoothing. Unlike with Vaser Smooth the bands are not permanently damaged and will grow back in a matter of 3-6 months. The difference is that by ultrasonically cutting and sealing each band with Vaser Smooth those bands will not reform.


Vaser Smooth is performed in our office at Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center and only takes about an hour or so to get you on the road to smoother legs. It can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with LipoSculpting the legs if reshaping or reducing the legs is desired. The technology is amazing and has proven itself worldwide as one of the best long-term solutions to Cellulite.


Don’t hide your legs this Spring and Summer. We have the solution at Genesis. Call us today at 843-669-2220 for a free consultation and learn more about Vaser Smooth and our other offerings to make you Beach Body Ready.


Vaser Smooth..Your answer to Cellulite

If unsightly Cellulite has you down and wanting to wear long pants this summer, listen up.  Genesis offers the Vaser Smooth for long term Cellulite reduction in the leg and buttocks area.  Don’t be fooled by a lot of the non-invasive cellulite treatments that clutter the market.  All are temporary.  Basically cellulite is caused by fibrous bands that have fat between them, giving you that rippled look on your legs.  The external treatments merely break those bands temporarily but don’t destroy the culprits.  Yes, you look good for 2 or 3 months but the bands re-form and no effect is noted after a time.  Our Vaser Smooth treatment goes way past the temporary band breakage by destroying much of the band tissue, not allowing it to heal and re-form.  Result is a longer lasting more permanent solution to your cellulite problem.  The treatment is done by placing a numbing solution under the skin and then doing a Vaser fat dissolve of the affected area.  This is followed by using our specially designed Cellulite instruments to break and destroy the bands that are giving you the irregular look.  Because of the power of those instuments protein damage to the cellulite bands will not allow them to heal.  If volume reduction of the leg is necessary we can also lipo suction the leg.  In many cases that is not necessary because the main culprit is the cellulite.  Long term there is a marked reducution and elimination of the banding and a much improved look to your legs.

So…Hey…don’t be that person in long pants all summer due to a condition that is easily treated.  Call us about our Vaser Smooth cellulite treatment.  You won’t regret it.

Interesting thought for today:  “A person will sometimes devote all his life to the development of one part of his body…..the wishbone.”  Robert Frost

Don’t just wish…let us help you do.

Dr. O’Dell

Lipo of the arms

We do LipoSculpting all over the body.  One of the often needed areas is the upper arm.  Many women get that loose hanging skin early in life due to genetic factors while some have it after weight loss or aging.  The Signature Lipo works well for this area.  We have had many women who are told that cutting and removing the skin is the only way to achieve a slimmer look but that is not true.  I have seen some patients who had the removal surgery done only to have an unsightly scar down the inner upper arm.

With lipo of the arm we simply make a small puncture just above the elbow toward the outside edge of the arm.  Through that small hole we fill the hanging area with our tumescent numbing fluid.  After adequate numbing the Vaser is used to break-up and liquify any fat in the hanging area.  This is followed by a thorough treatment with our Laser to stimulate tightening of the skin.  Suction then follows to remove the fat that has been destroyed.  We then send you home with an arm garment to conform the newly treated skin to the underlying arm.  While you are healing and awaiting the skin to tighten I usually suggest doing triceps exercises starting about 2-3 weeks post procedure.  This will build up the triceps muscle under the treated area to give you a more shapely arm.

This treatment is ideal if you are tired of having to wear longer sleeves all year to hide your arms.  We have so many patients who are thrilled to get back into short sleeves or sleeveless clothes within weeks of the procedure.  Now is a good time for us to look at any issues you may have with your arms.  Getting that area treated now can make you look good in that slimmer top for summer.

Thought:  When you common things in an uncommon way, then the world takes notice.

Dr. O’Dell

Fat Transfer with PRP, the Genesis way.

We get a lot of questions concerning the fat transfer and how we get the fat to last in the grafted area.  Many things go into our fat grafting.  First of all we use our Tickle lipo system with a specialized suction cannula to get just the right size fat for transfer.  You see fat usually comes in  “clumps”.  Large particles of fat like that would not be ideal to transfer because it is to large to fit thru our small transfer instruments.  What we want is small rice sized pellets of fat that can easily pass thru our instruments.  Also, smaller particles of fat lend themselves to be better nourished by new blood vessel growth as compared to larger particles.  We are also less likely to have “clumping” by using smaller particles.  Our specialized harvest suction device also separates away millions of stem cells that are now in solution with the fat.  These stem cells are powerhouses that make new blood supply and structural components for the newly transfered fat.  Prior to our specialized suctioning we also use low power Vaser which helps to break up clusters of fat and increase our yield.  Studies have shown a huge increase in the amount of stem cells harvested using Vaser.

Now a very important additive to the fat is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  At the time of the fat transfer we draw your blood, concentrate your platelets then add this back to the fat.  These platelets are the switch that turns on the stem cells, thereby helping permanently incorporate the new fat into the surrounding tissue.   At the same time,  if injected close to the skin,  good stimulation of collagen occurs to help make the skin look youthful and nourished.

Many lipo centers that do fat transfer do not use PRP.  These centers tend to overfill the area knowing that most of the time they will get as much as a 60% loss of transfered fat.  Studies show that using PRP and specialized harvest instruments greatly reduces the loss and the need to overfill.  Bottom line, a better and more consistent look post transfer.

Deep thought of the day:    Well begun is half done.  Aristotle

Dr. ODell

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck

I am all the time seeing patients who want to know if they should get a tummy tuck or do the LipoSculpting in order to pull up that loose skin at the bottom of your abdomen.  Many have seen another doctor about a tummy tuck and told to go ahead but decided to see what we could offer.  In most cases our Signature LipoSculpting is the ideal way to correct that sagging tummy.  Best of all it can be done using only small puncture holes and not a very long incision required for a tuck.  The tummy tuck requires removing all that skin using an incision that extends from over the hip, across the lower abdomen and ending over the other hip.  Many times moving the belly button is required due to the amount of pull down.  Beside having a very long scar another problem is that most surgeons do nothing to the upper abdominal fat or the fat on the “love handles” or flanks.  Therefore, you have a nice flat lower ab below the belly button but continue to have a lot of unsightly fat above it and on the sides.  I have had many patients who have come to me about a year or two out from a tuck wanting the upper abs lipo’d and the flanks and back sculpted in order to look balanced all around.

What we can achieve with our Signature LipoSculpting is to safely remove the fat in both the upper and lower abdomen then laser the skin to get a pull up that results in a flatter abdomen WITHOUT the long incision.  In addition, by using our Vaser and Laser along with careful suctioning we can sculpt that 3-D hour glass figure that makes you look so fine. Yes, it is entirely possible using our lipo system.

So don’t think that if you have that hanging skin at the bottom of your belly that all you can do is a tummy tuck.  With our LipoSculpting we have time and again helped our patients achieve a tighter, lifted tummy without the long incision and downtime required.

Thought of the day:  Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.   Berthold Auerbach

Stay healthy,

Dr. ODell


Genesis LipoSculpting…Super bowl of fat removal and shaping

Well I just finished watching Super Bowl 50.  What a game, no matter the outcome.  I was thinking after the game that what I just saw was a culmunation of everything that both teams do well, all blended into a defense and offense.  That got me thinking about how we do our Genesis Signature LipoSculpting.  The football team does not just run on offense, although they would gain yards.  By the same token, they don’t just pass, although that alone will get them yards.  They don’t just have one play.  They blend several plays together in a series to accomplish that TD or first down.  With our Lipo we don’t just use suction to remove the fat, nor do we only laser the fat and skin before suctioning, although that gains us some results.  What we do is blend two very successful technologies together with Vaser and Laser in order to maximize the fat dissolve and the skin tightening.  Our last step to get that TD….your sculpted body… is to use our powered Tickle Lipo suctioning devise to remove the dissolved fat in larger quantities and more efficiently than by manual suctioning alone.  Manual suctioning is then done at the end in order to give the finesse to the suctioned area, much like the extra point after a TD in football.  We use multiple types of suction instruments to that we can taper and blend areas on the edge of the sculpted area.  Certain of those instruments are also used to sculpt along the abdomen muscles to give you a more defined look.  Similar to a football game all these plays together give you the shaping and reduction you have tried to do but could not accomplish.  Go ahead, kickoff 2016 with a touch down to a new you.  Signature LipoSculpting  is the team you want to be with.

Dr. ODell


Liposculpting and fat transfer

A new year is beginning at Genesis which is time for a new YOU.  2016 is the year to be more confident and look your best.  We can help you acheive what you want.  I have developed our unique Genesis Signature Lipo-Sculpting where we combine LASER lipo, VASER lipo and a powered suction known as TICKLE lipo to give you that sculpted look and that figure that has been hiding for so long.  The fat we get out can be used to put in places where aging and weight loss have given you a less sculpted body or face.  If your eyes look tired all the time from volume loss under the eyes and in the cheeks we can lift them again with facial FAT TRANSFER.  Same goes for the breasts and buttocks and hands. You are using your natural fat to reshape your buttocks and breasts.  In other words get thinner where you don’t need it and more shapely with the fat transfer where you do need it.  It works and works well and is all natural.  If you are tired of the round body or the beer gut or the droopy face and breasts we can help.  We can even help those sagging eye lids with an upper lid BLEPHOROPLASTY.  Genesis works.  In addition we can make those wrinkles disappear with BOTOX and fillers as well as Hydrafacials and Fraxel laser.  GENESIS means beginning.  Let’s begin a new year with a new you. We want help you fulfill your dreams.  Don’t be a wisher when you can be a doer.  The first step to getting better is a simple phone call for a free consultation with us.  At that time we can assess your wants and advise you on a gameplan for YOUR new beginning.  NEW YEAR—NEW YOU.