Stretch Mark Therapy

Stretch marks have been an ongoing virtually impossible problem to treat.  No cream or external energy treatment has been consistent in reducing or eliminating this problem skin condition.  Now Genesis is offering a proven treatment that has been in Europe and South America for decades and has consistently shown to improve or eliminate stretch marks and raised scars.

After 3 treatments of CO2 Carboxy therapy
After 3 treatments of CO2 Carboxy Therapy
Before treatment of CO2 Carboxy therapy
Before treatment

The treatment is Carboxy Therapy or CO2 treatments.

CO2 has been used in medicine for at least 6 decades.  It has had wide spread acceptance in skin and wound treatments all over the world except in the U.S.  In the USA CO2 has been used only as a distending agent when doing Laparoscopy.  It has proven safe over thousands of operative cases and has not resulted in any adverse problems.  Now the Carboxy Therapy for skin problems has finally crossed the ocean and is available in the U.S.

When CO2 is injected under the skin the area becomes what is known as hypercapnic, a medical word for “too much CO2”.  The body and brain recognize this hypercapnic area and now shifts a huge amount of Oxygen rich hemoglobin to that area thinking it is damaged and needs healing.  What happens next is where this is amazing.  The hemoglobin dumps massive amounts of the Oxygen in the area while at the same time pulling off the excessive CO2, which is then exhaled by the lungs.  Now the injected area is hyper-oxygenated.  At the same time, platelets and growth factors flow into the area, again thinking it is damaged.  The platelets get to work, as do the growth factors and other cells resulting in repair of the stretch mark.  New collagen protein now is replacing the damaged protein in the stretch mark.  Over the next week or 2 the new protein is laid down and visible results can be seen.  We do suggest that at least 3 treatments are needed to fully benefit from this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning Carboxy Treatments:

     What areas of the body can be treated? 

While the most common area is the abdomen, this treatment can be done anywhere on the body where stretch marks are found.

Any down time?

None.  The treatment is done using small needle sticks after your skin is numbed.  You can return immediately to any activities you want.

Does it hurt?

We place a numbing cream on the area about and hour before the treatment.  This numbs the treated area really well so that you usually don’t feel any of the sticks. The CO2 is warmed and that also reduces any stinging sensation.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend 3 treatments initially as that has shown to significantly improve or eliminate most stretch marks.  Some additional treatments may be required for pigmented or raised stretch marks. We will evaluate you a month after treatment #3 to see if any further treatments are needed.

How often are the treatments?

Treatments are spaced a month apart.  This gives the collagen time to regenerate before the next treatment comes along to “boost” that process into even more collagen healing.

What else can Carboxy Treatments do?

We have noticed good results in flattening raised scars.  Also it is being used to reduce the dark circles under the eyes.  With that treatment it needs to be done weekly.  The dark circle treatment is very quick and doesn’t require the numbing cream used in other areas.  We are using it as a prep treatment for fat transfer as it is creating an oxygen rich environment that helps nourish the newly transferred fat.

How do I sign up for this treatment?

Please call our number at 843-669-2220 to get a free consultation.  We will answer your questions and map out a plan for your treatment.