LipoSculpting and overall weight loss

I am often asked about will our Signature LipoSculpting result in a large weight loss. The answer is no…..not immediately but yes…..over time and following the instructions. I tell my patients that Lipo is not a weight loss procedure but is a “waist” loss procedure in that it very quickly will reduce your size and start giving you the shape you desire that may not be evident with diet and exercise. I also tell them that we ” take off what diet and exercise won’t do.”  Understand that in weight loss, especially if you have a high BMI (body mass index), you may not shape up like you want even when the scales say you’ve lost 20 pounds. For your overall health the weight loss is wonderful and your diet and exercise routine should continue, but you may not see the shaping or the reduction of the tummy “pooch”, the thigh fat, or the love handles even with continued work and diet. That is age and size related. Many of my patients ask about getting to a goal weight before getting lipo. I tell them all can be done simultaneously.


1.After you get our LipoSculpting you will begin to shape up the area that is done over the next several weeks. The sexy hourglass curve becomes evident, the tummy begins to flatten or the legs begin to take shape. Now when you look in the mirror you are seeing that new shape which becomes a motivating factor to not return to your bad eating habits as you say “WOW, dang, I am starting to look good.” Understand that with any weight loss diet and exercise program you will loose rapidly at first and then the plateau happens. Most people get frustrated and quit the program because they aren’t loosing as fast or the shaping has not happened. With getting the lipo, the shaping happens quickly and now the motivation is visible as you continue your program.

2. With any lipo procedure you will reduce the effect of a hormone that is secreted by fat. When we take out fat, then the hormone Ghrelin is greatly reduced. Ghrelin is secreted by all fat cells so that the more fat you have the greater the Ghrelin stimulation to your brain that tells you to eat. By suctioning a large amount of fat, your appetite stimulation falls off immediately so the temptation to eat badly is gone.

3. After an abdominal or leg lipo you are wearing a garment over the abdomen that squeezes the newly lipo’d skin and also the abdominal wall. This slight pressure on the tummy will actually make you feel a little full and, thereby, make you not want to eat as much. Works every time. We ask that you wear the garment for to guide the skin against the underlying tissue so that your final shape is achieved. The side effect is a decreased appetite from the garment. A win-win.

To sum up…LipoSculpting needs to be a part of your overall weight reduction and shaping. There is synergy in both as the lipo can achieve the shaping and appetite reduction rapidly as well as some weight loss. Continuing the diet and activity plan can only enhance the terrific results you get going forward. Be healthy. Be shapely.

Live each day as if your life had just begun.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Dr. O’Dell