Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Hyperhidrosis is such an embarrassing condition!!!  Simply stated it is the excessive sweating that wets your clothing even when in a cool environment.  Most everyone with Hyperhidrosis has tried prescription anti-perspirants, home remedies, pads under the arms etc.  It is usually caused by an excessive neural stimulation to the sweat glands, sometimes with stressful events, but more often than not for no reason at all.  We offer two solutions to the problem at Genesis. 

First there is Botox.  When Botox is injected in several sites in the armpit it has been shown to slow down the sweating to normal levels within days of the treatment.  Whereas Botox for facial cosmetic reasons lasts about 3-4 months, Botox for Hyperhidrosis can last for 5-7 months before the need to repeat the treatment.

A better and long lasting treatment is the use of the Smart lipo LASER to more permanently destroy the sweat glands and reduce or eliminate the problem.  Our experience and that of researchers shows at least a 70% reduction in sweating within weeks after treatment.  The procedure is both quick and virtually pain free.  After you take a mild oral sedative the area is numbed with a solution under the skin.  After adequate numbing the laser is then used to heat and destroy most of the sweat glands in the axilla.  You can return to work or other activities the next day as desired.  We do not want to completely eliminate the sweating, as it is important for temperature regulation.  What we accomplish is a major reduction of the sweat glands and, therefore, a major reduction in your sweating.  We can do the treatment as a stand-alone procedure or easily add it onto a lipo procedure you may be having done that day. 

Quit being embarrassed by your sweating.  We can offer you a solution here at Genesis.

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