Hi-Def Lipo Sculpting

As part of our Signature LipoSculpting program, we offer Hi-Def Lipo Sculpting. To see before and after pictures, please visit our Signature LipoSculpting page.

beachHi- Definition VASER Lipo is an amazing, relatively new method that can further sculpt and define the detailed muscle contour of the abdomen and flanks.  Hi-def sculpting can be a part of our Signature Lipo-Sculpting when the desire for a more defined “six-pack” or ab muscle definition is desired.  The six-pack look is more common in male patients but can be done on a smaller scale in females. 

As stated, the technique is an extension of our regular sculpting but utilizes more intense VASER treatment and suctioning in the area of the six-pack and along the Rectus Abdominus muscle edges.  Small indentions where the six pack and median line above the belly button are created and enhanced.  In addition extra VASER and suctioning is done below the rib cage to further define the muscle edges.  What results is a more “cut” look on the abdominal wall created by sculpting the fat and not the muscle.  Certainly working out with ab exercises post op can further enhance the look and keep the area looking good. We also do Hi-def contouring over the abdominal oblique muscles and over the sacrum above the buttocks to help further define the top of the buttocks when desired. 

Not all patients will be candidates for the Hi-def sculpting.  If excessive fat is in the upper abdomen we can get you very thin but may not be able to fully create that six pack look.  However, we utilize parts of the technique on just about all our abdominal lipo cases because it gives you a great contour look going from the front of the abdomen around to the flanks.  We have also utilized it before fat transfer to the buttocks where we wanted an indented look at the lower back. 

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