Hair Restoration

We are proud to offer a new innovative natural hair restoration technique using only your own platelets instead of drugs or chemicals.  After determining that the hair loss is not the result of a medical condition we can actually inject small amounts of concentrated platelets into the scalp to naturally “wake up” your hair follicles and stimulate new growth and thickening.

First of all we will apply a numbing cream to the scalp for about 30-45 minutes so that you won’t feel the injections.  While numbing, one to two tubes of blood will be drawn and your own platelets will be extracted and concentrated for re-injection.  A small quantity of this Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is then injected about every centimeter in the treatment area until full coverage is accomplished.  You are able to wash your hair later in the day after the treatment.  We do tell you that platelets take about 3 weeks to fully work, but continue stimulating and healing that hair follicle for several weeks.  Most all of the studies done on this treatment (and I agree) suggest a second treatment in 6-8 weeks as a “booster” dose.  Some patients with more severe thinning may need a third treatment in about 6 months while noticing improvement.

Results in male pattern baldness may vary especially in those men with full hair loss on top. It works best on men patients with thinning hair instead of complete hair loss.

Sometimes we may elect to do a pinning procedure on patients with more severe thinning.  On your numb scalp a device is used to make micro pinpricks.  What this does is to stimulate collagen protein growth in the scalp and help enhance the results from the platelets.  Repeat pinning may not be necessary with later platelet injections if good growth and thickening is evident on exam.

If interested in further information or to see if you are a candidate, please make an appointment and we will be glad to see if you qualify for this innovative natural treatment.

Hair Restoration

Surgical hair restoration is now possible using your own platelets.

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