Fat Transfer

As part of our Signature Lipo-Sculpting program we also offer fat transfer to a variety of body areas including the face, hands, buttocks and breasts. To see before and after pictures, please visit our Signature LipoSculpting page.

Another LipoSculpting feature!

The fat from the suctioned area is harvested under strict sterile techniques and then either frozen for later transfer or placed back into the desired area at the time of the suctioning.  We have found in our experience that freezing the fat helps process out the fluids and blood cells left over from suctioning and separates the “greasy” lipid portion of the fat cell.  What you have left is a pure adipose cell, free of any lipid or debris.  The harvest technique and specialized cannulas we use also separate millions of STEM CELLS from the adipose tissue. These regenerative Stem Cells will help to make new blood supply and structural tissue that will result in a longer lasting graft.  In order to fully activate the harvested stem cells and enhance the fat, we add Platelet Rich Plasma to all our fat.   Basically Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained by drawing your blood into a specialized tube that separates the platelets from the other blood cells.  Those platelets are then concentrated and added back to the harvested fat/stem cell mix, which is used in the fat transfer.

The harvesting of the fat can be done in one of two ways.  We can add the fat harvest onto most any Lipo-Sculpting procedure except the chin.  We would harvest your fat prior to any laser component of that procedure in order to preserve those fat cells.  We can also just harvest fat from an area such as the abdomen or leg as a stand-alone technique without any of the sculpting.  Pricing varies as to which technique is used.   

Volume loss in the face and hands is a natural occurrence and is ideal for the fat transfer treatment.  As you will see below the cheeks are more prominent and the sunken area around the mouth is filled in.  The technique works for both older and younger individuals as you can see from the photos.  The PRP that is mixed in also helps to improve skin tone and wrinkles.

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