Clear + Brilliant Laser

The Clear &  Brilliant Laser is the sister to the Farxel Laser. It’s not as strong as the Fraxel but you receive huge benefits from this laser. You can do all skin types with the Clear & Brilliant Laser. You will see a more  even, uniform tone to your skin. Some other benefits are renewed, smoother texture, radiant and glowing skin, and minimizes pore appearance. This laser treatment prevents early signs of aging and maintains younger-looking skin.

You have minimal downtime. These treatments are comfortable, fast, effective, and affordable. So if you are looking for a laser that will prevent, maintain, and improve your skin the Clear & Brilliant might be a good choice for you.

Six treatments are recommended.

Uncover your brillance with Clear + Brilliant!

Look at these real patients with REAL results. The “after” picture (on right) is 1 month following six treatments:

Visible improvement from Clear + Brilliant treatment.

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