Renuvion for Skin Tightening

I have been talking about the amazing properties for the Renuvion Plasma (formerly known as J-Plasma) and the resultant skin tightening we are seeing in our LipoSculpting patients. A lot of speculation as to how it really worked have now been proven through meticulous patient research by many of my colleagues around the U.S. This Renuvion Skin system is only used by about 900 or so surgeons in the United States and continues to amaze each of us as to the efficiency it has with skin tightening at Lipo and also its unique skin re-surfacing properties. New understanding of the action was recently published and showed its efficacy was even better than when initially FDA approved. Basically, with skin tightening at Lipo, it works like no other devise on the market. After fat is removed from the site the Renuvion Plasma energy is dispersed through the area. Studies in actual cases show that the plasma energy is absorbed in the structural columns between the skin and the underlying muscle/fascial layer. This then causes an immediate contracture of the columns and a pull down of the skin. With multiple passes over multiple areas an overall lift and pull in of large areas of skin can be achieved. Best of all, that contraction of skin continues over the next several weeks as the energy sets off a healing cascade that continues to work. In my observation, the skin pull can be felt while performing this step and the overall skin quality is improved in further post operative exams. In some smaller areas such as over the ribs the laser that I have been using for years still gives excellent skin tightening also. The new studies out recently on Renuvion showed about a 20% increase in skin tightening over laser alone.

Genesis is proud to be the exclusive center in South Carolina using the Renuvion Plasma system for skin tightening with Liposuction. We are also only one of 6 in the two Carolinas with this amazing technology. It is now an integral and important part of our combination approach to LipoSculpting using VASER, Laser and now Renuvion. For more information check out

LipoSculpting and overall weight loss

I am often asked about will our Signature LipoSculpting result in a large weight loss. The answer is no…..not immediately but yes…..over time and following the instructions. I tell my patients that Lipo is not a weight loss procedure but is a “waist” loss procedure in that it very quickly will reduce your size and start giving you the shape you desire that may not be evident with diet and exercise. I also tell them that we ” take off what diet and exercise won’t do.”  Understand that in weight loss, especially if you have a high BMI (body mass index), you may not shape up like you want even when the scales say you’ve lost 20 pounds. For your overall health the weight loss is wonderful and your diet and exercise routine should continue, but you may not see the shaping or the reduction of the tummy “pooch”, the thigh fat, or the love handles even with continued work and diet. That is age and size related. Many of my patients ask about getting to a goal weight before getting lipo. I tell them all can be done simultaneously.


1.After you get our LipoSculpting you will begin to shape up the area that is done over the next several weeks. The sexy hourglass curve becomes evident, the tummy begins to flatten or the legs begin to take shape. Now when you look in the mirror you are seeing that new shape which becomes a motivating factor to not return to your bad eating habits as you say “WOW, dang, I am starting to look good.” Understand that with any weight loss diet and exercise program you will loose rapidly at first and then the plateau happens. Most people get frustrated and quit the program because they aren’t loosing as fast or the shaping has not happened. With getting the lipo, the shaping happens quickly and now the motivation is visible as you continue your program.

2. With any lipo procedure you will reduce the effect of a hormone that is secreted by fat. When we take out fat, then the hormone Ghrelin is greatly reduced. Ghrelin is secreted by all fat cells so that the more fat you have the greater the Ghrelin stimulation to your brain that tells you to eat. By suctioning a large amount of fat, your appetite stimulation falls off immediately so the temptation to eat badly is gone.

3. After an abdominal or leg lipo you are wearing a garment over the abdomen that squeezes the newly lipo’d skin and also the abdominal wall. This slight pressure on the tummy will actually make you feel a little full and, thereby, make you not want to eat as much. Works every time. We ask that you wear the garment for to guide the skin against the underlying tissue so that your final shape is achieved. The side effect is a decreased appetite from the garment. A win-win.

To sum up…LipoSculpting needs to be a part of your overall weight reduction and shaping. There is synergy in both as the lipo can achieve the shaping and appetite reduction rapidly as well as some weight loss. Continuing the diet and activity plan can only enhance the terrific results you get going forward. Be healthy. Be shapely.

Live each day as if your life had just begun.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Dr. O’Dell

Too many Carbs, Too much weight


In we ring the New Year with hopes and expectations and lots of resolutions for 2018. Some we will keep, some we won’t, and some we completely fail at doing. One resolution that needs to be on your list for 2018 is an absolute resolve to reduce carbohydrate intake for the coming year. Unless you are working out several hours a day, running, or work in a demanding physical job, YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF WITH EXCESS CARBS.

First of all, what are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are a necessary food group that provides fairly instant energy to the body for normal metabolism and daily activities. Therefore, it is a necessary part of your diet, but in moderation. Carbs consist of breads, cereals, sugar, everything made with sugar (including sodas and sweet tea), potatoes, rice, and pasta just to name a few. Carbs as I stated provide the energy for metabolism and the breakdown of protein in your diet. However, in most of our normal sedentary life styles very little carbs are required to drive that metabolism. As a matter of fact some studies show, as little 600 calories per day are required to run the basics of your daily function. On average as little as 1500-1800 calories is enough for a moderately active person. Now on to the problem. Look at how many calories you intake just in one day. Most everyone averages about 3000+ calories of daily food and drink intake. If you are not active, and I’m not talking about moving your chair around the office, you are going to store at least half or more of those calories. That storage is called FAT. Now repeat this intake day in and day out and you can see why fat accumulation can occur and why the obesity rates are climbing rapidly all over the US. In fact, SC is now 12th on the list of the most obese states in the US. To our credit that is a change from 8th the year before. (Mississippi is #1)

Obesity has been classified as a disease and excess carbohydrate intake has been pegged as one of the main causes. With the almost exponential increase in obesity rates over the years there has been a parallel increase in Type 2 diabetes where the size of the body and the calorie intake outstrips the ability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to metabolize the sugars. This leads to more requirements for medicine to increase the insulin output. Ongoing elevated blood sugars can then lead to an increase in heart and vascular disease resulting in poor circulation to the extremities and eventual numbness and possible loss of a limb.

Obesity appears in some studies to have a negative effect on cancer risk, recurrence, and mortality. In a position statement by the American Society of Clinical Oncology as many as 84,000 cancer diagnoses each year are attributed to obesity with implications of 15-20% direct mortality related to obesity. There has been a direct link to an increase in breast cancer due to obesity.  As it relates to orthopedics and joint problems, THE KNEE AND THE HIP JOINT WERE NOT DESIGNED TO CARRY SEVERAL HUNDRED POUNDS and, therefore, are prone to wear out earlier in life.

What can be done? Understand that Carbs are the most addicting food group. Simple carbs have a way to drive your appetite center to want to eat more and order more food. That good smelling bread that is put on your table at the restaurant can drive your appetite to order more food.  As fat builds up, a hormone in the fat called Ghrelin can further drive the appetite center to crave more and more food. See the endless cycle? Control is not easy. When going on a weight loss diet the hardest thing to do over the first week or two is to not eat carbs. Once that time frame has past it seems most patients aren’t grabbing for the carbs.

Drinks have carbs and count in the overall calorie intake. Many patients think drinking several sodas daily doesn’t count. A 12-ounce regular soda has 135-150 calories, all from carbs. A 20-ounce soda has 250. Drink 2 or 3 a day and you are at 300 -750 calories of that total intake. Add some sweet tea (usually 120 plus calories per glass) and you may exceed any recommended total daily intake for food and drink.

It’s a New Year, a new beginning. Make determinations that an obese life does not have to happen to you. Stop the Carbohydrate poisoning that is ruining your life. Look for ways to decrease your carb intake and take advantage of every opportunity to eat smaller portions and healthier choices. If you don’t exercise, don’t commit to a gym that will only be a memory in a month. Start small by short walks where you live. Park away from the door at work. Take the stairs at work or at church instead of the elevator. Do multiple small things each day and then work toward a longer walk or workout. Most of all commit to be healthy. Get the grilled chicken without the bun, use the vinaigrette dressing instead of the Ranch and don’t get fries with anything. Water is good too especially with a little lemon squeeze. If you must get dessert, only a bite or two will do. Remember, GET LEAN IN ’18.


Live lean, Live happy