Botox and your smile

We’ve discussed Botox for wrinkles and Botox for Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) but did you know that Botox can be used to soften that “gummy smile”. Many people have overactive muscles in the upper lip and beside the nose that lift the lip a little too much, exposing your entire upper gum and top of the teeth. That’s what we refer to as the “gummy smile.”

The technique is a very simple one but needs to be precise and not overly dosed with Botox. A unit or two placed just beside the nose gives enough relaxation to cause the lip not to lift as much with a big smile, thereby not exposing the entire gum. Sometimes a unit or so placed in multiple spots above the lip line can also prevent a thinning of the upper lip on the smile. In very thin lipped patients just a filler can be used in the lip to outline and/or enhance it. With the Botox for gummy smile, a combination with the filler can transform a sometimes embarrassing smile into one you can be proud of. In treating the gummy smile I do not use a great amount of Botox as we do on the Glabella and forehead as this can relax the mouth too much. As I said only a unit or two is needed and needs to be strategically placed. If a small amount works but not as well as one would like, it is easy to add a little more in increments to get the result. Over treating on the first try should be avoided. If you have a little bit of a mouth corner turndown, Botox carefully placed below the mouth corners may correct that to even out your smile and natural mouth pose. Who wants to look like they are constantly frowning, right?

Botox when used strategically can do great things to treat conditions other than wrinkles on the forehead and eye area. If you have that gummy smile or turned down mouth corners it may be a good treatment for you alone or in combo with a filler.

Dr. ODell

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