Buttocks fat transfer/ Brazillian Butt Lift

I had some questions today about our fat transfer to the buttocks and how ours differs from that of other cosmetic surgeons.  A patient came by inquiring about how we do ours and stated she had been told by other surgeons she could not work or sit for about 3 weeks and she must sleep on her stomach.  Our instructions differ and this is why.  My buttocks fat transfer concentrates on placing most of the fat in the upper 2/3 of the buttocks away from where you sit.  Pay attention as to what part of your derrier bears the weight and you will find it is the top of the leg and only the lower portion of the buttocks.  I have been able to acheive an enhanced rounded look without having to place fat on the “sitting” portion of your rear end.  Also by using the Brazilian butt lift technique we very carefully place fat in the Gluteal muscle under your butt to get a nice rounded lift without having to fill in that lower 1/3 where the sitting occurs.  Now I do recommend sleeping on your stomach for 2-3 weeks but if no fat is placed on the side of the butt you can sleep on your side as long as a pillow is to your back to prevent rolling over.  I had one patient to sleep in a recliner but she had excessive padding around her buttocks.  Her results were still stunning.    Another way we differ from other centers is our usage of  PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP).  My nurse will draw blood before we start the transfer procedure and then separate the platelets from the other blood cells.   The platelets are then concentrated and mixed with the fat before the fat is injected.  These activated platelets then stimulate STEM CELLS which grow new blood supply and structural elements to help the fat survive and your new shape to be accomplished.

It’s time to get rid of that “pancake butt” from weight loss or aging and get your new shape.  It can also be time to enhance what you already got.

Your new look can be acheived.  The art, the technology, and the expertise is available at Genesis.

Let 2016 be YOUR year for the new you.  Keep the promises you made to yourself.


Dr. ODell

Liposculpting and fat transfer

A new year is beginning at Genesis which is time for a new YOU.  2016 is the year to be more confident and look your best.  We can help you acheive what you want.  I have developed our unique Genesis Signature Lipo-Sculpting where we combine LASER lipo, VASER lipo and a powered suction known as TICKLE lipo to give you that sculpted look and that figure that has been hiding for so long.  The fat we get out can be used to put in places where aging and weight loss have given you a less sculpted body or face.  If your eyes look tired all the time from volume loss under the eyes and in the cheeks we can lift them again with facial FAT TRANSFER.  Same goes for the breasts and buttocks and hands. You are using your natural fat to reshape your buttocks and breasts.  In other words get thinner where you don’t need it and more shapely with the fat transfer where you do need it.  It works and works well and is all natural.  If you are tired of the round body or the beer gut or the droopy face and breasts we can help.  We can even help those sagging eye lids with an upper lid BLEPHOROPLASTY.  Genesis works.  In addition we can make those wrinkles disappear with BOTOX and fillers as well as Hydrafacials and Fraxel laser.  GENESIS means beginning.  Let’s begin a new year with a new you. We want help you fulfill your dreams.  Don’t be a wisher when you can be a doer.  The first step to getting better is a simple phone call for a free consultation with us.  At that time we can assess your wants and advise you on a gameplan for YOUR new beginning.  NEW YEAR—NEW YOU.