Genesis LipoSculpting…Super bowl of fat removal and shaping

Well I just finished watching Super Bowl 50.  What a game, no matter the outcome.  I was thinking after the game that what I just saw was a culmunation of everything that both teams do well, all blended into a defense and offense.  That got me thinking about how we do our Genesis Signature LipoSculpting.  The football team does not just run on offense, although they would gain yards.  By the same token, they don’t just pass, although that alone will get them yards.  They don’t just have one play.  They blend several plays together in a series to accomplish that TD or first down.  With our Lipo we don’t just use suction to remove the fat, nor do we only laser the fat and skin before suctioning, although that gains us some results.  What we do is blend two very successful technologies together with Vaser and Laser in order to maximize the fat dissolve and the skin tightening.  Our last step to get that TD….your sculpted body… is to use our powered Tickle Lipo suctioning devise to remove the dissolved fat in larger quantities and more efficiently than by manual suctioning alone.  Manual suctioning is then done at the end in order to give the finesse to the suctioned area, much like the extra point after a TD in football.  We use multiple types of suction instruments to that we can taper and blend areas on the edge of the sculpted area.  Certain of those instruments are also used to sculpt along the abdomen muscles to give you a more defined look.  Similar to a football game all these plays together give you the shaping and reduction you have tried to do but could not accomplish.  Go ahead, kickoff 2016 with a touch down to a new you.  Signature LipoSculpting  is the team you want to be with.

Dr. ODell


Get up and move it.


Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.  Plato

A lot of people make excuses to not exercise.  However, it is an essential part of your overall health and can greatly contribute to how you feel and how you look.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO A GYM TO EXERCISE.  That is the biggest excuse that I hear.  Heck, I don’t like to go to a gym either.  I have to drive there, walk in, go do the exercise, talk to people if they talk to you, then go back home.  A lot of wasted time.  Now I am not down on the gym or group exercise as it is a wonderful thing if you have the time and disipline to go.  That’s where a lot of people fail.  That extra half hour to get ready to go then drive there and back is just not in your day.  There is so much you can do in the comfort of your house.  There are numerous studies that show just 15 minutes or so of combined exercise several days a week can accomplish a new level of fitness in you.  Just think, you don’t have to do your hair or dress in any nice new gym clothes.  You can exercise in your PJ’s if you want.  You don’t even need a treadmill at home or other machines.  You can get a small set of dumb bells to start or do exercises using your own body weight.  Warming up with jumping jacks or high stepping in place and waving your arms is great to get your heart pumping and your brain awake.  You can follow that with some push ups, crunches, body weight squats or any numerous isometric exercises.  It works.  With enough time you will not want to miss doing them…and all in a simple 15 minutes of your day.  Attached is a link to an interesting article that hopefully will help you get started.

5 Exercises That Make Everyday Life Better…and Keep Your Body Younger

Dr. ODell




Platelet Rich Plasma…Magic in your blood

Many of you may not have heard of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) but it is one of the most phenominal natural substances known to promote healing and enhance results in cosmetic treatments.  So what is it?   Simply your blood has 3 types of cells….The red cells carry the oxygen to the tissues and take away CO2,  the white cells fight off infections and help with your immunity, and the platelets are the powerful healers in the blood.  Anytime you have an injury such as a cut, abrasion or a bruised area the platelets are rushing in to direct the clean-up and healing processes.  They direct the fibroblasts to form new skin and support tissues i and direct the stem cells to make new blood vessels and other necessary tissue.  That’s where we use them in cosmetics.

After drawing your blood we spin it down in a special tube that separates the red/white cells away from the platelets.  The platelets are then harvested and reconcentrated in your serum to give you a more potent platelet mixture.  We then activate the platelets using a Calcium solution which makes them ready to “work”.  These activated platelets can be injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth or can be injected along with Juvederm fillers to enhance the skin and make the filler last longer.  I have even put PRP on thin non-healing leg skin  and got healing in 3 weeks.  The main thing we use it for is on fat transfers.  These activated platelets when mixed with your fat stimulate millions of stem cells that go on to make new vascular supply and structural support to the newly injected fat. This gives you a better look and more longevity with the transfer.  Injecting PRP under old acne scarring is also very successful to erase the “pot marks” that are left behind.

Best of all…it’s all natural… from you, your own healing power in your blood.

Happy February.    Stay healthy.

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. ODell

Liposuction and weight loss

I often get the question whether to lose weight before lipo or to do the lipo first.  Let me tell you why Lipo first is the best in my opinion.  Motivation and acheiving a great figure earlier in the process are key to long term success in weight loss.  Lipo can motivate you both psycologically and physiologically to improve your weight loss journey.  We can sometimes remove 6+ pounds from a lipo.  Now while that is not that much in the scheme of loosing a lot you begin a reshaping brought on by our LipoSculpting technique.  After lipo you wear a garment on the area which holds in your skin and helps to reshape it to the body below it.  This also helps in making you look more shapely which gives you a mental boost to not want to eat badly.  Secondly the garment is pressing on your abdomen which gives you a full sensation and, therefore, less drive to eat.  Another important aspect is that the Lipo has greatly reduced a hormone known as Ghrelin.  Ghrelin is secreted by the fat cells and goes to the brain to stimiulate your appetite.  So the more fat that is there, the more Ghrelin that is produced which drives you to eat more to make more fat. All these things combine to lower your appetite.  We have noted that over 95% of our patients who get abdominal lipo state their appetite is markedly reduced and that they continue to loose weight during the post op period over the next 4 months.

I encourage all my patients to look at the LipoSculpting as the beginning of a new you.  Concentrate on smaller servings and a high protein diet during the post op time while your new body takes shape.  You will be amazed at where you will go.

Dr. ODell

Fat Transfer or Juvederm…What do I do….part 2

With our last post I talked about Juvederm.  Today we talk about FAT TRANSFER.

Fat transfer is just what it says.  We take fat from another area of the body, usually the abdomen or legs, and place it in the face or other body areas.  The advantage of this method is that we can get a whole lot more material to transfer and it is your natural tissue.  With Juvederm products we only have 1 cc of filler per vial and may have to use multiple vials to get the look you want.  Also the Juvederm products only stick around about 1-2 years depending on which one used.  Contrast that to fat in which we can use several cc’s of fat and it sticks around for 3-10 years.  One thing we do is to mix your fat with your platelets prior to placing in your face or hands.  Your own platelets (from your blood) will stimulate the millions of stem cells that are associated with the fat which will then help grow new blood supply and structural tissue. The platelets will also help your skin regain a more glowing appearance.  Where we may only use 1cc of Juvederm under the eye, we ususally place 1-3 cc’s of fat/platelets.  This gives you a very nice cheek lift, taking you back to a more youthful, fuller apperence.  Also, whereas we may do only a cc of Juvederm around the mouth and nasal line, we may use 2-4 cc’s of fat/platelets to restore the natural fullness around the mouth.  Fat is ideal for the back of the hands also as it gives a very natural fill between the tendons and helps hide those unsightly veins.  Again the platelets can help restore the skin on the hand to a more youthful look.

Now if you have very minimal volume loss in the face, Juvederm products as discussed in part 1 may be ideal as we will not need a lot of volume.  However, for multiple “caved in” or sagging areas or if other body areas such as the breasts, buttocks, or hands need enhancement then fat is the ideal solution.

Give us a call and come in where we can advise you of the better way to make you feel and look your best.

Thought:  The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.  For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.

Dr. O’Dell

Fat transfer or Juvederm, which do I do…Part 1

At Genesis we offer two unique methods to fill in those sagging and hollowed places on the face and hands. Today we will talk about fillers, particularly JUVEDERM products.

For years fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptura, and others have been on the market with millions of patients worldwide using them.  At Genesis we are using the complete line of Juvederm products including the one introduced about 2 years ago called VOLUMA.  I like the Juvy products in that it gives me a wide range of thickness of products depending on where in the face they are used.  For instance we would use the thickest product, Voluma, under the eye and inject it against the orbit bone to build up that caved in area,  making your cheek look fuller and more youthful.  This is a very common area that we see even in younger patients.  If you or your friends think you look tired all the time, and you’re not, it may be due to the volume loss under the eye.  The mid-grade thickness of Juvederm is ideally suited for the folds against the nose and the “marionette” lines below and around the mouth.  The thicker Voluma is not designed for that area and may clump badly if injected there.  The thinnest Juvy is great for lips and also around the mouth and nose area too.  In some people, especially older, I may layer it over the Voluma that I placed under the eye to acheive an even better lift and taper effect.  I can also use it in those “pucker lines” or “smoker lines” that develop in the upper lip.  This is done by thinning the Juvy a little more and injecting each of those troublesome lines individually.  The effect is instantaneous and the compliments are too.

On my next post I will discuss the FAT  TRANSFER to the face and how it differs from the Juvederm both in volume and longevity.

Thought for the day:  There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The  other is as though everything is a miracle.  Albert Einstein

Dr. ODell


That saggy Chin and Neck

Aging happens.  What happens with it is skin laxity caused by sun damage, smoking, menopause, weight loss, and collagen protein weakening from aging.  Some people do it gracefully, others not so much.  What results is anywhere from just a little loose skin under the chin all the way to the “gobbler neck”.  Sometimes it’s genetic factors.  Yes, your aunt’s chin you made fun of as kid is now yours.  However, now you can do something about it.  At Genesis we offer several treatments that can help you.

Our main one is laser-lipo to the chin and neck and jaw line.  We call it our “week-end chin and neck lift” because we try to do them on Thursday or Friday so that you can return to work on Monday or even to church on Sunday.  The procedure takes only about 30-45 minutes.  Basically after some oral sedation a small skin area at the chin is numbed and a needle puncture made.  Through that puncture a numbing solution is placed under the skin of the chin and upper neck using tiny instruments.  After adequate numbing we use our laser to tighten that loose skin and desolve any fat that may be there.  Suctioning is done lightly afterward.  At the same time we can go down the jaw line to lift any jowling present and remove sagging fat that is present.  A chin strap is worn for 48 hours (excluding shower time) then only overnight for a week.  What results is a lifting and revitiliazation of the skin with a more defined angled look.  Minimal soreness is about the only discomfort.

We are now an authorized office to use the new Kybella method for fat reduction in the chin.  This  method involves two treatments about 8-12 weeks apart where a fat dissolving substance is injected into the fat under the chin.  Over the next 6-8 weeks the fat is broken down and removed by the body thereby getting rid of the sagging  double chin look.  If all you have is loose skin without fat then you would not qualify for this method as Kybella may not result in skin tightening in some cases.

Hey, don’t go around with the gobbler neck or feel you have to look up all the time to tighten your chin.  We can help.

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.  If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”  Nora Roberts

Dr. ODell

Never too young for BOTOX and Fillers


The question always comes up….When should I start using Botox or Juvederm type filler products to keep my youthful appearance. A recent article in Cosmetic Surgery Times addresses that question.  I have patients in their 20’s who are already showing the forehead wrinkles or the “11’s” (those angry looking lines between your brows) as well as patients well into their 40’s who are just beginning to show changes.  So much of when those skin changes start is determined by genetic factors, lifestyle, sun exposure, hydration, and smoking history.  The answer to the question is…You are never too young to start.  There is no minimum age beginning in young adulthood that is too young or too old.  I really admire the patients who I see with barely notable wrinkling who want to get started early as a preventative treatment to slow the process and keep that more youthful appearance into later life.  By starting early you also avoid the difficult situation where a deeply wrinkled area just doesn’t respond as well as a less wrinkled one.  Most of my patients who start early end up needing fewer Botox injections over time because the muscle tends to stay “softer” resulting in getting treated every 5-7 months instead of the usual every 3-4 months that is typical of Botox.  Likewise, the use of fillers such as Juvederm or Voluma for volume loss in the face when done earlier results a much slower progression toward the aging sunken face.  Click on the link provided for this informative article and I think you will agree.

It’s never too early or too late to get a new look and to get ahead of the aging process.

Call us today to get started.  Botox is on special for January.  Buy one site, get one site free.

To a more youthful you’

Dr. O




BOTOX ….Look ma no wrinkles….or headache

Let’s get those wrinkles under control in 2016 and Botox is a great way to do it.  Today we are going to talk about the many uses and successes of Botox.  Botox has been around now for well over 10 years.   Its use has grown from treating those wrinkles on your face and that always angry look between your eyes to multiple medical uses.  Botox works uniquely to partially paralyze the muscles in which it is injected.  Contrary to urban legend, in cosmetic doses it does not migrate elsewhere and render you paralyzed.  I promise.  Botox is manufactured under strict controls and when used as directed is extremely safe and effective.  Other products are on the market including Dysport and Xeomin but I have not found them to be as reliable or long lasting as Botox.  Therefore, I am sticking with Botox.  As I stated the cosmetic use in the forhead and around the eyes has been here for well over 10 years.  Now the FDA has approved the use of Botox to treat headaches.  I have several patients in which injection in the back of the neck, the temporal area on the side of the head, and the area above the hairline have given them marked relief from tension and migraine type headaches.  We have also treated TMJ syndrome with it injected at the bottom of the chewing muscle on the jaw.  One patient went from 20+ headaches a month to one with forhead and hairline injections.

One recent article now has shown that patients with depression have shown improvement with Botox treatments.  The mechanism of its success is being investigated but reapeat studies have confirmed this finding.

Make 2016 a year to get wrinkle free, headache free, less depressed.  We can help you.  Hoping to see you soon.

Remember an old Chinese proverb…The hardest part of a thousand mile journey is the first step.

Dr. O’Dell