Awake anesthesia in Lipo Sculpting

One of the most frequent questions I am asked when doing LIPO seminars is how we do this without general anesthesia.  Our minimally invasive LipoSculpting uses what is known as Tumescent Anesthesia.  Basically we mix Xylocaine (Lidocaine) into an IV bag of normal saline and add Epinephrine and Bicarbonate to the mixture.  The Xylocaine is the same numbing medicine used by just about all doctors for doing minor skin lesion removal or for sewing up a wound.  It is also used in spinal and epidural preparations.  It is very similar to what your dentist uses when numbing your mouth.  We very carefully calculate the maximum amount of Xylocaine that we can use based on your weight and medicine profile.  The epinephrine is used to make the small blood vessels in the fat “spasm” closed so that it will minimize any blood loss during the procedure.  In addition it helps to slow the absorption of the Xylocaine so that the numbing is slow to wear off.  The bicarbonate is a buffering agent to raise the pH of the solution so that it won’t sting going in.

This solution is then placed under the skin of the area you are having sculpted.  We do this through small puncture holes strategically placed in your skin.  There is NO cutting or incisions involved.  The numbing solution works rapidly to numb the area but at the same time acts to spread out the fat so it is more easily treated and suctioned.  Yes, it provides complete numbing of the area without the need for general anesthesia.  More can be added during the course of the case if needed.  We do give you oral meds pre-procedure that will relax you and sometimes let you doze off during the case.  Nice thing is that you don’t have an anesthesia hangover afterwards.  Also nice is the excellent safety profile of this type of anesthesia.

Dr. ODell


FemiLift…Lasers in Vaginal health

We are very proud at Genesis to be the exclusive provider in this area of SC and NC to have the Femilift vaginal laser technology.  If you have been noticing a decreasing amount of natural lubrication, more vaginal laxity, and/or increasing urinary leakage ( incontinence) with a cough or sneeze then you may be a candidate for the FemiLift.  It is done in our Gyn exam room at Genesis requiring NO anesthesia as it is not painful for most all patients.  So exactly what is it.  This system uses a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser at a low power that is projected down a specialized vaginal instrument that “pixelates” the laser beam into smaller pinpoint segments.  The special instrument is placed in the vagina and the laser is activated so that it fires the pixelated laser onto the vaginal wall at specific points.  The instrument is then pulled back a centimeter and fired again until the entire vaginal is treated.  By breaking up the laser beam into smaller pinpoints the pain is avoided and a wider area is treated per activation.  These pixelated points of laser light will re stimulate the vaginal lining to thicken and produce more natural lubrication and also stimualate new collegen protein growth that will tighten the vagina.  By tightening the vagina and enhancing collagen there is also an improvement at the area where the bladder stem meets the bladder.  This provides the improvement with the urinary leakage.  Time requirement… about 10 minutes or so.  We do suggest a repeat treatment in a month even if you note improvement on the first one, as most do.  There is no down time.  You can return to work and other activities immediately after.  Reports from our patients have been 100% positive in their symptom improvement.  This is really an amazing technology that is allowing women to get better bladder control, improve vaginal dryness without use of hormones, and give them a more satisfying sexual exerience because of improvement in the tightness of the vagina.  Please read more on our site about Femilift and call us to set up an appointment to see if you are a candidate for this truly breakthrough treatment.

Dr. O’Dell

Laser your way to tighter skin

Many of you have asked specifically how the laser works in both Liposculpting and skin tightening.  At Genesis we have several lasers of different frequencies that are used in different ways.  First of all let’s address the one we use in LipoSculpting.  The frequency of our Lipo laser is tuned so that it maximizes both skin tightening and disolving  of fat.  Basically we place it under the skin via an artificial quartz fiber and use it to make micro damage on the underside of the skin.  We are very careful not to burn the skin but only to do micro damage.  The body wants to heal those micro burns so it sends in some platelets that then bring in growth factors and cells to make new collagen protein to replace the damage.  The new collagen is very elastic so it tends to shrink and, therefore, pull the skin tighter as it does so.  This results in a remarkable lifting and tightening of loose skin that has stretched out due to excess fat that is also being removed.

Likewise, a similar laser with a different frequency is used externally on the face and neck to tighten  wrinkles, close open pores, and lighten pigmented areas.  This is our Fraxel laser.  The Fraxel handpiece is rolled over your numbed skin and very tiny “pixelated” pin size punctures in the skin are the result.  Again there is micro damage under the skin that results in new collagen protein being formed that shrinks as it heals.  The result….tighter skin and less melasma.

We also use the laser for hair removal.  This laser has a frequency that is tuned to the color of dark hair and is , therefore, absorbed by it.  The laser heat is then transmitted into the hair follicle which is then destroyed.   Reapeat treatments are then done to assure all the follicles in that hair “pore” are destroyed by the laser.

Next blog post…..our newest laser for vaginal rejuvination and bladder leakage.  Stay tuned.


Dr. O’Dell

Vaser Smooth..Your answer to Cellulite

If unsightly Cellulite has you down and wanting to wear long pants this summer, listen up.  Genesis offers the Vaser Smooth for long term Cellulite reduction in the leg and buttocks area.  Don’t be fooled by a lot of the non-invasive cellulite treatments that clutter the market.  All are temporary.  Basically cellulite is caused by fibrous bands that have fat between them, giving you that rippled look on your legs.  The external treatments merely break those bands temporarily but don’t destroy the culprits.  Yes, you look good for 2 or 3 months but the bands re-form and no effect is noted after a time.  Our Vaser Smooth treatment goes way past the temporary band breakage by destroying much of the band tissue, not allowing it to heal and re-form.  Result is a longer lasting more permanent solution to your cellulite problem.  The treatment is done by placing a numbing solution under the skin and then doing a Vaser fat dissolve of the affected area.  This is followed by using our specially designed Cellulite instruments to break and destroy the bands that are giving you the irregular look.  Because of the power of those instuments protein damage to the cellulite bands will not allow them to heal.  If volume reduction of the leg is necessary we can also lipo suction the leg.  In many cases that is not necessary because the main culprit is the cellulite.  Long term there is a marked reducution and elimination of the banding and a much improved look to your legs.

So…Hey…don’t be that person in long pants all summer due to a condition that is easily treated.  Call us about our Vaser Smooth cellulite treatment.  You won’t regret it.

Interesting thought for today:  “A person will sometimes devote all his life to the development of one part of his body…..the wishbone.”  Robert Frost

Don’t just wish…let us help you do.

Dr. O’Dell

Good news for coffee drinkers


I was reading on health issues and came across this tonight.  Coffee has been the subject of a lot of controversy for decades as to whether it’s good or bad for you.  With recent research into antioxidants and health benefits of foods, coffee is making a comback.  Click below for a very informative article.  As with anything, drink it in moderation for the health benefits.

Dr. O’Dell

Coffee: The Good News…and the Bad News

Lipo of the arms

We do LipoSculpting all over the body.  One of the often needed areas is the upper arm.  Many women get that loose hanging skin early in life due to genetic factors while some have it after weight loss or aging.  The Signature Lipo works well for this area.  We have had many women who are told that cutting and removing the skin is the only way to achieve a slimmer look but that is not true.  I have seen some patients who had the removal surgery done only to have an unsightly scar down the inner upper arm.

With lipo of the arm we simply make a small puncture just above the elbow toward the outside edge of the arm.  Through that small hole we fill the hanging area with our tumescent numbing fluid.  After adequate numbing the Vaser is used to break-up and liquify any fat in the hanging area.  This is followed by a thorough treatment with our Laser to stimulate tightening of the skin.  Suction then follows to remove the fat that has been destroyed.  We then send you home with an arm garment to conform the newly treated skin to the underlying arm.  While you are healing and awaiting the skin to tighten I usually suggest doing triceps exercises starting about 2-3 weeks post procedure.  This will build up the triceps muscle under the treated area to give you a more shapely arm.

This treatment is ideal if you are tired of having to wear longer sleeves all year to hide your arms.  We have so many patients who are thrilled to get back into short sleeves or sleeveless clothes within weeks of the procedure.  Now is a good time for us to look at any issues you may have with your arms.  Getting that area treated now can make you look good in that slimmer top for summer.

Thought:  When you common things in an uncommon way, then the world takes notice.

Dr. O’Dell

Fat Transfer with PRP, the Genesis way.

We get a lot of questions concerning the fat transfer and how we get the fat to last in the grafted area.  Many things go into our fat grafting.  First of all we use our Tickle lipo system with a specialized suction cannula to get just the right size fat for transfer.  You see fat usually comes in  “clumps”.  Large particles of fat like that would not be ideal to transfer because it is to large to fit thru our small transfer instruments.  What we want is small rice sized pellets of fat that can easily pass thru our instruments.  Also, smaller particles of fat lend themselves to be better nourished by new blood vessel growth as compared to larger particles.  We are also less likely to have “clumping” by using smaller particles.  Our specialized harvest suction device also separates away millions of stem cells that are now in solution with the fat.  These stem cells are powerhouses that make new blood supply and structural components for the newly transfered fat.  Prior to our specialized suctioning we also use low power Vaser which helps to break up clusters of fat and increase our yield.  Studies have shown a huge increase in the amount of stem cells harvested using Vaser.

Now a very important additive to the fat is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  At the time of the fat transfer we draw your blood, concentrate your platelets then add this back to the fat.  These platelets are the switch that turns on the stem cells, thereby helping permanently incorporate the new fat into the surrounding tissue.   At the same time,  if injected close to the skin,  good stimulation of collagen occurs to help make the skin look youthful and nourished.

Many lipo centers that do fat transfer do not use PRP.  These centers tend to overfill the area knowing that most of the time they will get as much as a 60% loss of transfered fat.  Studies show that using PRP and specialized harvest instruments greatly reduces the loss and the need to overfill.  Bottom line, a better and more consistent look post transfer.

Deep thought of the day:    Well begun is half done.  Aristotle

Dr. ODell

Young Hands…Fat transfer for youthful hands

Patients spend a lot of time and money to make the face more youthful and vibrant.  But what about your hands.  So many times others look at your face and may think you are at least 10 years younger than you are….until they see those hands with the pigment spots and the volume loss that exposes the tendons and veins.  Genesis can help give you that youthful hand you need.

First of all let’s address the pigment spots and wrinkled skin.  We can employ our Fraxel laser technology to help tighten the skin and fade those pigment spots.  While Fraxel is used mainly on the face and neck, the same results can be achieved on the lower arm and hand.  The area is numbed with a cream before starting and only takes a few minutes per side.  We do recommend 4 treatments spaced a month apart to get that firmer skin and youthful look.

What has really turned back the clock on hands is the use of fat transfer.  While we can do the transfer just to the hands most of our patients also want the face done also to lift the cheeks and treat around the mouth.  Basically, we can harvest fat from the abdomen or leg, mix it with your own platelets then place it between those unsightly tendons and knobby knuckles, giving you a smooth hand.  The prominent veins that are seen with aging are also hidden and more natural looking.  Because of the platelets mixed in with the fat, some skin toning may occur due to the action of the platelets.  The fat is massaged in place after being injected to give a smooth homogeneous appearance.  It really looks great.

So don’t just look at your face in the mirror.  Look at your hands also and evaluate what you see.  We can help you get that more youthful appearance that has been missing for so long.

Thought of the day:  For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.  Walter Scott

Dr. O’Dell

Generic Drug Rip Off

I came across this article in Bottom Line Magazine that many of you will find interesting.  I have noticed as you have that most of the generic drugs have risen as much as 300% since the beginning of the year.  Some drugs that have been around for 40 years are outrageous in price.  Read below for some ideas.

Dr. O’Dell


The Generic-Drug Rip-Off

Using health insurance to fill a prescription for a generic drug could dramatically increase your out-of-pocket costs, particularly if you have not yet reached your policy’s annual deductible. That’s because people who use health insurance have to pay the price that the insurance company has set for the drug, and with generic drugs, these prices often are much higher than the prices you might pay when no insurance is used—sometimes hundreds of dollars higher for a 90-day supply.

Here’s what happens behind the scenes: Many generic drugs cost pharmacies 10 cents a pill or less. A value-oriented pharmacy, such as those at Costco, Walmart and Kroger, or a reputable online pharmacy, such as and, might charge as little as $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for a 90-day supply—if you don’t use insurance. What’s more, even after you reach your deductible, many insurance policies require a co-pay that is higher than what these types of pharmacies charge for generic drugs.


Among the many widely used drugs that can be purchased without insurance as generics for as little as $10 for a 90-day supply are the blood pressure medications atenolol, carvedilol, clonidine and furosemide…blood-clot-prevention drug warfarin…diabetes drugs glimepiride, glipizide, glyburide and metformin…cholesterol medication lovastatin…antibiotic amoxicillin…and pain medication naproxen.

What to do: When filling a prescription for a generic drug, check whether it’s cheaper to fill the prescription without using your coverage. Also, ask pharmacies whether they have a membership or rewards program that can further reduce the cost.

On the other hand, if you expect to spend a lot more than your deductible for medical costs in a given year, it might make sense to pay the higher prices so that you get past the deductible period more quickly. In some cases, depending on the specifics of your coverage, that might result in greater overall savings.

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck

I am all the time seeing patients who want to know if they should get a tummy tuck or do the LipoSculpting in order to pull up that loose skin at the bottom of your abdomen.  Many have seen another doctor about a tummy tuck and told to go ahead but decided to see what we could offer.  In most cases our Signature LipoSculpting is the ideal way to correct that sagging tummy.  Best of all it can be done using only small puncture holes and not a very long incision required for a tuck.  The tummy tuck requires removing all that skin using an incision that extends from over the hip, across the lower abdomen and ending over the other hip.  Many times moving the belly button is required due to the amount of pull down.  Beside having a very long scar another problem is that most surgeons do nothing to the upper abdominal fat or the fat on the “love handles” or flanks.  Therefore, you have a nice flat lower ab below the belly button but continue to have a lot of unsightly fat above it and on the sides.  I have had many patients who have come to me about a year or two out from a tuck wanting the upper abs lipo’d and the flanks and back sculpted in order to look balanced all around.

What we can achieve with our Signature LipoSculpting is to safely remove the fat in both the upper and lower abdomen then laser the skin to get a pull up that results in a flatter abdomen WITHOUT the long incision.  In addition, by using our Vaser and Laser along with careful suctioning we can sculpt that 3-D hour glass figure that makes you look so fine. Yes, it is entirely possible using our lipo system.

So don’t think that if you have that hanging skin at the bottom of your belly that all you can do is a tummy tuck.  With our LipoSculpting we have time and again helped our patients achieve a tighter, lifted tummy without the long incision and downtime required.

Thought of the day:  Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.   Berthold Auerbach

Stay healthy,

Dr. ODell