Making your eyes bright again

At Genesis we are proud to offer our Blepharoplasty procedure for removal of excessive skin on the upper eyelid.  No matter your age, genetic factors and especially aging and sun damage can cause that “double eyelid” look on the upper lid.  In the most severe cases that excess skin can actually weigh down the lid so you have that “half mast” look…. the edge of your upper eyelid is hiding part of your pupil.  Your upper peripheral vision can also be affected in advanced cases. 

The Upper Blepharoplasty is done on site at Genesis in our Operating Room.  After we carefully mark the edges of the excess skin an injection of numbing solution is placed in the area and the skin is removed.  Very tiny sutures are used to close the defect with removal the next week.  Prior to the procedure’s start you receive an oral sedative so that you are very relaxed during the whole process.  We do ask you to keep an ice pack on the area overnight and begin applying an anti-bruising cream on the lids.  Many patients have actually returned to work in as little as three days even with the stitches in place.  Everyone’s eyes vary from patient to patient.  While some patients have a complete “double eyelid” and need the full Bleph, others may only have a small area on the outer or inner edge.  These are easily done as a less extensive procedure.   

Please see the before and after picture below and note the dramatic effect that a Blepharoplasty can have on your appearance.  We commonly do a Bleph along with facial fat transfer or a chin and neck lipo at a separate time to give your face that complete more youthful look you desire. 




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